turn on the white noise murmur

So, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve written any poetry. But I just saw Cloud Nothings at the 9:30 Club on Saturday night, so I felt like I should relay the experience.

mosh pit, nineteen-thirteen

come on, stimmung
elbows out
shiver and shake
bend down and back

do the stravinsky
the stockhausen shuffle
punch out their cartilage
like a sunbathing animal

start a riot
sacre du printemps
let everyone know
you’re punk as fuck

(c) Richard DiCicco, 2014

How to Cook Guilt-Free Orange Roughy

I have returned, this time with gifts!

In this year’s Spring issue of Poictesme, VCU’s student-run literary magazine, my piece “How to Cook Guilt-Free Orange Roughy” was graciously chosen for publication. I slaved away at this piece of culinary satire for many hours, so I am very grateful to have my words once again grace the hallowed pages of Poictesme.

The short in full is reprinted below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!
(And if you like this, please, check out the whole book.)

pg1 pg2 pg3 pg4 pg5

(c) Richard DiCicco, 2014

So is it raining in your bedroom?

One Word

Like a letterpress,
I stamped the word
across your sleeping lips,
and to keep the ink from bleeding,
rolled my tongue from left to right.
Your eyes were closed even when you awoke
as you licked your lips and whispered:
“Even poets cannot dream a rose
if love is not in season.”

(c) Richard DiCicco, 2014